The Evil Bunny Hunt Hints

Hints for the hunt will be posted here as we receive them. Please note that hints will not always be correct as store owners may move the item when ever they please.

1. October Alchemy - Check hint giver at store

2. Avatar Bizarre - What would Andrew Eldritch wear if he lived in the Highlands?

3. SR Leatherwerkx - Check inworld hint giver

4. Good Clothing - This kitty is ready for for a trip via Outworld Transit.

5. DAARK - The music of the ghost plays on and on, yet the bunny hides under its hands

6. De Baza - "Cats like to sit near warm places" 

7. Fallen Gods Inc. - The Bunny is safe, guarded by the King of the Forest

8. La Boheme - Where evil bunnies siesta.

9. Virtual Textures - The Evil Bunny Went To The Market...

10. Dark Desires Custom Tattoos - Evil bunny seems to be trying to escape!  Catch him quick!

11. .::ODB::. - This Bunny is sitting in the corner.

12. T Junction - The evil bunny makes friends with the sad bunny.

13. ::{Favole}:: - Please leave a message

14. Love Zombie - Where can you find dust bunnies?

15. AIDORU - Even bunneh need rest at times!

16. ROCK PULSE - Before you leave don't forget to grab your gift box. *Store Closed*

17. Brat! Mainstore - He may be evil but he sure likes sweets!

18. MZ Mainstore - where is my megaphone?

20. Trident - "A wooden shield,
 hides your prize,
 a heart of straw
 beating in the chest
 of the warrior that holds it"

21. T R I D E N T Jewelry - "In the grey roots
 of the tree of sin
 do I hide"

22. Roawenwood - Hint Giver at the site near the hunt signs

23. AdelleArts Manor Fashions - A leading light in the lynch mob!

24. Nikkie's Kouture - Sale

25. emPathy *Removed From Hunt*

26. USC Textures - "Bunneh! The new symbol of all collared guardians of Anubis"

27. Evil Bunneh - The tortoise won't beat me THIS year!!

28. Purple Poses - Two friends are needed to find our gifts.
29. .:: PaPiLLoN Design ::. - I Love The View.

30. Frippery - A good exit strategy is essential to the success of any evil plan.

31. [Nihilistic Asylum] - Even the unlucky will walk away with loot.

32. Wings of Enchantment - Check hint giver at store

33. AQ face tattoos - I like being close to the light.

34. New York's Finest Apparel - This bunny was promoted to "Over-Look All New Arrivals"

35. Timeless Textures - This evil little bunny couldn't wait to sneak up on and scare the twitchy noses off his sickly sweet easter bunny realatives in the SCULPT MAP section upstairs!

36. EVOL - It's a little hot in here. Maybe you should open the window... :)

37. croire - the evil bunny is helping hold up the roof..

38. HerBerry - Sweaters are sweet.... look for me in Sweaters.

39. [BedlaM] - She might wear pink but will still kick your ass

40. Raven's Heart - I perch above a flying bird, solitary in the role he plays

41. darkfold designs - Go left and look to the roadsters, find the Lil Southern Shine Runner and there you'll see a rabbit caught in the headlights.

42. C&D Designs - Styled Living - All glammed up and no where to go

43. Amulet - Hares have Hairs and Harts have Hearts.
Drippy gooey runny bunny!

44. Script Alchemy -  The Bunny is trying to hide in someone's shirt.

45. [Malice] - "Ally likes to read between the lines." *Skip For Now*